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Protect Your Association Amid Growing Concerns of Russian Cyberattacks

How to respond if you experience one

The government has advised businesses to prepare for possible Russian cyberattacks in retaliation for U.S. sanctions over its invasion of Ukraine. Since associations are also vulnerable to cyberattacks, two experts explained what types of attacks might be on the horizon, how to tighten up your cybersecurity efforts immediately, and what to do if your group finds itself the victim of a cybercrime.

The Most Common Attacks

One area of concern is ransomware attacks, where a hacker breaks into your system, encrypts all your data, and demands a ransom to get it back.

“They say, ‘If you don’t pay me $150,000 in the next three days in Bitcoin, I’m going to make public all that data I stole,’” said Jonathan Roy, director of security and compliance at designDATA. “Your reputation will be ruined. Your members won’t want to renew. That’s a scary proposition.”

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