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Permitless Concealed Carry Legislation Passed By Ohio Lawmakers

SB 215 makes it legal for any resident not barred from owning a gun to carry a concealed weapon

The Ohio General Assembly passed legislation Wednesday that would make it legal for Ohioans to carry concealed weapons without a permit or additional training.

Senate Bill 215 (SB 215) makes it legal for any resident, 21 or older, to carry a concealed firearm, so long as they are not barred from owning a gun. Current Ohio law requires gun owners to go through eight hours of training and a background check to get a concealed carry permit. Both of those requirements would be wiped away under the proposed law.

"The open carry of firearms is already legal in Ohio, however once an individual were to put on a sweatshirt or jacket without a concealed carry permit, they would be in violation of the law. Responsible gun owners should not be punished for lawfully practicing their constitutional rights," said state Sen. Terry Johnson, who introduced SB 215.

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