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Three Tools Associations Need to Collaborate More Efficiently

Technology matters

It’s important that association leaders know how to make the most of their collaboration software—but not all organizations are there yet. If your association hasn’t settled on what to use, it helps to step back and take a big-picture look at basic collaboration tools to understand the breadth of what’s available.

Taking advantage of chat apps, whiteboard apps, and screen-sharing tools will make for more seamless collaboration, and will make it easy for tech-shy leaders and employees to embrace new tools.

Chat Apps

Essentially, chat applications such as Slack and Microsoft Teams offer a convenient way to—well, chat—easily with coworkers virtually, something that’s particularly useful at a time when many workforces are still dispersed. Plus, messages are sent in real time, as opposed to email’s asynchronous format, making chat apps the most efficient communication alternative to phone calls or video meetings. SMS messages offer a similar experience, but they require cell service and may come with charges depending on where each person is located. But with chat apps, coworkers can communicate from anywhere without worrying about cost.

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