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If You Don't Want to Land in the C-suite, You Can Still Grow Your Career

Here's an approach to consider

Maybe this sounds familiar: You read articles issuing career advice and inevitably, the discussion turns to how professionals can make their way to the proverbial corner office.

For people who desire to be an executive director someday, that’s helpful. But what if the top position isn’t your career goal? What if your goal is to stay behind the scenes or work in a more narrowly defined career path, such as IT or advocacy?

That creates a bit of a conundrum for mid-career professionals, who want to grow in their careers but find themselves having to forge their own trail. On the other hand, the timing might be right, according to Jaya Koilpillai Bohlmann, a communication expert and career coach with the firm Designing Communication. Bohlmann said that, with the growth in remote work and the Great Resignation, there has been a shift in the way we think about work that makes us happy.

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