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Reading List: Power Dynamics at Play in Social Change

A collection of articles exploring shifts in philanthropy, social change, technology and more

At the intersection of power and social change are questions about using power responsibly, holding individuals and institutions accountable and addressing power structures that reinforce systems of inequity. Understanding these dynamics will inform the day-to-day work of social sector leaders and help them shape the future of social innovation.

The 2022 Frontiers of Social Innovation conference, “Power at Play in Social Change,” is being convened online March 22-24 and will use power as a lens to examine the strategies and practices commonly used, and still emerging, in the field of social innovation today.

This reading list explores topics related to each session of the conference, including shifts in power, place-based social change, citizen/government collaboration, changes in philanthropy and public interest technology. If you’re joining the conference, these articles may serve as a foundation for the discussions to come. If you’re unable to attend, we hope they are a valuable resource for conversations happening across the field.

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