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The Secret to Women’s Leadership That Can Drive Such a Positive Impact

How it impacts the bottom line

Despite the promise that we’ll soon be able to put the pandemic in the rearview mirror, the future for business leaders is looking more challenging than ever. Geopolitical unrest, inflation, and–perhaps most important–the twin issues of labor shortages and new worker demands in regards to pay, benefits and flexibility has Axios calling 2022 the “hardest year ever to run a company."

Just open the business section of any major newspaper and the tension felt by leaders is clear: In one column is advice to employees on how to quit their jobs and beat burnout. In another are reports that pressures from outside investors are putting human capital and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) criteria and metrics under a microscope. So, how are leaders supposed to both build happier teams while also tending to their bottom lines?

The answer is simple: Invest in women. New data compiled by global consulting firm Potential Project, where I am a partner, found that employee disengagement translates into significant organizational expense (due to absenteeism and lower productivity). But, there is a sizable difference in how this shows up in women-led teams versus those led by men. In fact, we found that by driving more engaged employees, women leaders save their organizations $1.43 million for every 1,000 employees.

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