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How and Why to Build 'White Space' Into Your Day

It’s not blank space because it has a purpose

We live in a more is more culture. This extends beyond material possessions and into our daily lives and schedules. Our kids are busy after school every day with soccer, martial arts and piano lessons – because more is more. We multi-task with pride – because more is more. All this more-ing takes a toll on us. Our time is suddenly scarce, and with that comes a host of surprising problems.

No matter your job, today’s technology helps us get more done. We answer a quick email while finishing up a spreadsheet while also confirming our kid’s dentist appointment. While we may be ticking things off our to-do lists at a frenetic pace, is it good this way?

We may feel like we’re accomplishing a lot when we don’t waste time with down time, but what are we sacrificing? Instead of just driving to work, we use that time to also call the mechanic, confirm our appointments, finally return that phone call to the woman who wanted a reference for our old babysitter.

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