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Why Leaders Need a New Data Strategy

The pandemic assaulted the predictive power of associations' past research

Association leaders need little persuasion that they need to be data-driven organizations. You can't set effective strategies if you do not have meaningful industry data. You cannot serve members if you don't survey them on their pain points.

But reaching the kind of wisdom that comes with research is harder these days. The pandemic has made it more difficult to grasp what members plan to do, especially when it comes to meetings. Supply chain and inflation problems challenge associations' efforts to grasp industry trends.

Still, taking a look at how your stakeholders are responding to those disruptions can provide meaningful and actionable data, as I explored in an article for Associations Now’s Tech2022 Deep Dive. First, though, you’ll have to get out of the rut of how you’ve previously conducted surveys—or thought about their predictive power. 

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