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A Road Trip Teaches Four Women Leaders Unexpected Lessons

It was more than miles that ended up being shared

The nature of a road trip is that it’s often filled with surprises, and ours certainly was—in many unexpected ways.

Three of my fellow women executives and I were signed up to participate in a retreat-style professional development event in a remote area of North Carolina last fall. For the time it would take to fly and transfer to the lodge, we figured we might as well drive. Sara Wood, CAE, executive director of the Public Media Business Association; Nicole Araujo, CAE, client engagement director at Mighty Citizen; and Lindsay Currie, CAE, executive officer at the Council on Undergraduate Research and I loaded into a minivan in the wee hours of a chilly morning and headed south.

By the time we returned to our point of origin, we had spent more than 12 hours in that van together, and we couldn’t have imagined the strategic troubleshooting and profound leadership lessons that would emerge as the miles flew by.

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