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Make Your IT Team Your Business Partner

Staff can no longer say they don't 'get' technology

A November 2021 Wall Street Journal article ruffled a few feathers when it recommended it might be time to pull the plug on the IT department. While that seems like a drastic move, the IT team does need to continue to work toward being a business partner, not just a technology partner. In other words, it’s not just about repairing laptops, updating software and fixing printers anymore.

The relevance and necessity of technology was brought into clear focus during COVID. Associations turned to it immediately to keep their doors open, and, suddenly, no one had an excuse to claim ignorance or indifference about technology.

It underscored and validated a key trend: the democratization of technology, said American Speech-Language-Hearing Association Chief Information Officer Tori Liu, CAE. The pandemic accelerated technology literacy, and now there’s a lower tolerance for staff to say they don’t “get” technology.

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