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Anti-burnout Challenge, Day 2:

Find a moment of self-compassion

Compassion is related to self-care, but the latter has been rebranded (and feminized) as bubble baths and sheet masks. Those can be genuine forms of self-care, but self-care centered around products or activities might miss an important part of healing and staying motivated: giving yourself a moment of compassion—cutting yourself some slack where you normally don't.

Today's anti-burnout challenge: Give yourself a moment of compassion.

How to Find a Moment of Self-Compassion

Instead of just giving yourself a little treat, think of an area in your life where you’re not particularly kind to yourself. Maybe you tend to freak out when you miss a deadline, even if it’s a flexible one. Maybe you beat yourself up when someone else points out something in your work that you know you should have noticed.

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