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Ways to Apply Foresight in Association Work

The pandemic has been a wild card

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a wild card—a highly disruptive and generally unanticipated event. While few would have predicted how much change 2020 would bring to the way people and organizations work, leaders who track work trends may have had an easier transition.

For instance, those already thinking about or using collaborative platforms like Microsoft Teams or Slack, or who work in organizations that already had hybrid or remote work options for staff, may have found pandemic-related operational changes easier to manage. Organizations with savvy social media teams found ways to bypass overflowing email inboxes to connect and engage with members across a variety of channels. Two years after the start of the pandemic, these practices are common, so it’s easy to forget there was a time—only a couple of years ago—when they were less ordinary.

Trends tracking and thinking about the future are second nature for a lot of leaders, but channeling it effectively for work takes deliberate effort. In the ASAE ForesightWorks User’s Guide, Marsha Rhea, CAE, identifies four key approaches to integrating foresight thinking and practices into association work.

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