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Burnout Hasn't Gone Away

It remains a problem - even among the engaged

As workplaces have navigated the strange push-pull of the pandemic and employees seek meaningful work elsewhere amid the Great Resignation, leaders are looking for ways to make their employees happier, more resilient and more fulfilled.

Many people report feeling burned out, and 40 percent of employees cited burnout as the top reason for leaving their jobs in 2021. This collective burnout is leading to a churn in the workforce and, even more so, a spiraling of the resilience of those who remain.

Even highly engaged and skilled employees can suffer burnout. One study found that nearly one in five employees reported being both highly engaged and burned out. Essentially, your best employees can also be at the highest risk. Considering that burnout can eventually lead to decreased engagement and lower levels of interest in work, the overall impact on a company is clear.

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