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Professional Membership Tip: Good Branding Means Better Engagement

April 7, 2022

Promoting products and services to members makes sense, but there is something more compelling. Members want a deep connection with their association and to feel positive about themselves because they are a member. “Having a strong brand allows an association to attract members, regardless of the specifics of the programs and services it offers,” said Jennie Winton, founding partner of Mission Minded.

A member’s positive affinity with an association could make them feel more confident, connected, or that they are growing professionally. That means associations need to do the research to find out what members want that will make them feel good about themselves.

How Does It Work?

Building the right brand strategy starts with analyzing your current brand to identify your audiences. “You want to understand who the best target audiences are for your organization,” Winton said. Also, look at the competition to find out who else is trying to attract the same people you are and what else competes for their time and attention.

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