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I Finally Found a Work Computer Setup That’s Practically Perfect

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From my early days in game development to my current writing gig, I've been working at a desk for more than 25 years. Screens have always commanded my attention. Things had improved enormously since two chunky beige CRTs dominated my desk, but I still hadn't found the perfect monitor setup—until now.

I'm divulging this information to you for free (you're welcome). If you seek the ideal home office setup, you need a curved ultrawide monitor with a second screen on the side in portrait orientation. It's the best combination for writing and gaming, with enough real estate for every task.

As a kid, I longed for a battle station with multiple monitors, but that kind of setup was rare back then, found only in the offices of obsessive developers (or the lairs of supervillains). My first job after university was as a game tester. The indignity of regularly working 16-hour shifts in a converted closet with wires dangling from the ceiling was assuaged by the fact that I had two screens—one to play through the game and the other to log bugs.

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