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Five Ways to Keep Your Company Flexible and Agile

Organizations that practice awareness remain strong for many decades

Inflation. Recession. Marketplace disruptions. Supply chain interruptions. There’s no shortage of things to tense up about these days. But as every skier will tell you, it’s when you tighten up that you get hurt. I should know, having once broken my leg on the slopes.

Skiers have to keep their knees bent as they continually shift their center of gravity based on the nature and condition of the terrain they’re traversing. Lose your focus and a slick spot or mogul will take you down — or into a tree. Fortunately, in my case, it was only the former.

The same is true in all sports. Runners pull their hamstrings. Swimmers tear their rotator cuffs. Tennis players get tennis elbow. Stiffening up is a problem every aging athlete — especially armchair athletes — has to deal with. But not to the same degree.

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