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Six Business Lessons CEOs Need To Unlearn

Shedding outdated beliefs will be critical to moving forward

COVID-19 continues to test the resilience of supply chains, business models, HR management practices, IT systems and governance structures of organizations across the world. It also tested nerves, character and empathetic depth of business leaders. The experience of the tragedy—the challenges, struggles, coping—all have offered plenty of learnings.

While these learnings have largely been documented and shared, organizations are also realizing that they need to shed some old beliefs, practices, learned patterns, mindsets and legacies. As the scourge of the pandemic is on the wane, it is equally critical, like the learnings, that businesses and their captains take these un-learnings as part of fresh wisdom.

Here are six past lessons CEOs may like or need to un-learn to sustain their businesses, and thrive, professionally and personally, in a post-pandemic world.

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