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As Climate Fears Mount, Some Are Relocating Within the U.S.

A growing number of Americans are moving to remote locales

At first, the Ashland area of southern Oregon seemed like a great place for Mich and Forest Brazil to raise their kids: It had natural beauty, plenty of open space and a family-friendly atmosphere.

But after they moved there from the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015, high summer temperatures, water shortages and wildfire smoke became regular features of their lives, forcing them to wear face masks well before the COVID-19 pandemic, and leading them to question whether the area was the right place for them.

Then came Sept. 8, 2020, when Forest Brazil stepped out of their rented house and had to cover his face because of smoke, dust and debris from a fire—about 3 miles away—that was being water-bombed by fire-fighting planes and had provoked a panicky, high-speed evacuation on a nearby interstate.

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