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How to Kindly But Firmly Let Someone Go

Write down what needs to be discussed before terminating an employee

Even in today’s tight labor market, it is sometimes very clear that an employee is on the way to losing their job unless they significantly change their behavior. When this happens, it’s especially important for a leader to steady themselves, keep emotions under control and model thoughtful behavior for the rest of the team. 

This kind of situation came up recently for one of my clients; following are the seven important things we discussed attending to before actually beginning the challenging process of termination.

Select candidates carefully and orient them thoroughly to prevent problems later. The hiring and orientation process is Phase Zero. Someone who seems aligned from the beginning may be easier to deal with and have a better chance of success than someone whose stated experience or way of handling events trigger a sense of caution or alarm. In my client’s case, there were warning signs during the interview that this team member might not feel fully responsible for their own behavior or take responsibility with their team and would need more direction and closer supervision than other team members.

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