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Reputation, Crisis and the Role of Digital

Insights for OSAP Member Hinda Mitchell

Public Relations (PR) and its digital tools are powerful for brands to build and maintain trust with critical audiences. By helping brands connect with their stakeholders, leveraging shared values and creating meaningful conversations, trust is established. When a company faces a challenge or crisis, being able to lean into that trust will decrease negative, long-term impacts on the brand.

In reputation, social media is the best and worst. For brands, it is so easy to step on a land mine. Many leaders forget to “pause before posting”, and the result is a post that is inappropriate or offensive that gets widely shared – which creates the digital and reputational crisis. Or companies post when they should be silent, or fail to monitor online sentiment effectively, and quickly spiral out of control.

Brands consistently make two significant mistakes online. One is that companies are pushing information out, but they’re not listening to their critical audiences. The digital and social space is a back-and-forth conversation – push and pull, talk and listen.

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