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Adding Autonomy to Your Remote Team Culture

Excessive hours must be curbed

Remote work offers plenty of upsides for both employees and employers. Yet companies haven't quite determined how to overcome the issue of burnout caused by remote workers putting in excessive hours.

As a team leader, you've probably experienced this phenomenon firsthand and seen it in others. After all, checking email all day and night is easy. What's hard is figuring out when to close your laptop and stop checking your phone. Consequently, many professionals begin to act as if they're "on call" 24/7. That's neither healthy nor productive.

Where does this pressure to continuously perform come from? It might stem in part from competitive pressures. As reported by the Society for Human Resource Management, 70 percent of remote workers clock in during weekends. That's a significantly high percentage and may point toward employees feeling they need to keep pace or be left behind.

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