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'Great Resignation' Job Hoppers May Switch Again

It appears 'the grass is always greener' is not always factual

Today’s low unemployment and high job turnover indicates that employees are looking for and finding new working arrangements at an unprecedented level. This makes understanding what employees seek from their jobs particularly important today, as the “war for talent” is still at high pitch. Attracting and retaining high-performing employees must be a priority for businesses to succeed.

To find out what workers like and don’t like about their jobs, as well as what motivates them, we followed up on the findings of Grant Thornton’s first State of Work in America survey with a second survey, six months later.

Similar to the first, we asked questions to gauge worker attitudes about workplace experiences, but expanded this survey to uncover how employees’ attitudes and desires have been affected nearly a full year into the Great Resignation. We increased the reach of our survey to include more than 5,000 American workers across a wide range of industries and demographics.

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