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Why Leaders Who Are Sometimes Unfair Cause More Stress Than Those Who Are Always Unfair

Oddly enough, consistency is better than inconsistency

Compared with Rudy, Jim was definitely the worse boss. He was dictatorial. Condescending. Weirdly demanding. (For a while, all our meetings started at the :57 mark instead of on the hour.) Whenever he came our way, we sighed and thought, resignedly, "Oh, great ... "

Yet even though he was a better boss -- especially where it mattered, like fostering productivity, dealing with problems, developing employees, etc. -- whenever Rudy came our way, we stiffened and thought, "Oh, no. What now?"

Yep: Even though, had we been asked to provide a 360-review, we would have checked the box beside "incompetent jerk," we all still preferred to work for Jim.

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