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Buying HR Technology?

Start at the top of the stack

For decades, companies have embraced HR technology by starting at the “core” with HR management systems. Companies spend millions to tens of millions of dollars to implement them, and then, over time, add other tools to fill in with needed functionality. These core systems of record are a key component in a company’s technology infrastructure and influence decisions on many billions of dollars spent on other employee applications and tools.

However, the center of gravity has now changed. Certainly, HCM systems are still necessary to run a company; but now employee experience and talent intelligence solutions are the technology layers that are most important for an effective HR infrastructure.

What caused this shift? Essentially, it goes back to the history of HCMs, which were based on the ERP solutions of the 1970s and 1980s. ERPs, sold by companies such as SAP and Oracle, were end-to-end solutions that managed products, suppliers, vendors, financials and results.

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