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Embrace Digital Transformation and Master Platform-Based Association Management

Guidelines for selecting the right solution and building organizational resilience

Some associations remain deeply tied to their proprietary association management software (AMS) solutions—after all, they've invested ample time and money building them. In that context, it's understandable that the phrase digital transformation—defined as any IT modernization that fundamentally impacts how an organization operates and generates value—can be daunting.

But while the buzzword sounds like it came straight out of a marketing department, the business value behind digital transformation is significant. The past few years have made it painfully clear that association executives must embrace technological change to ensure business continuity.

Emerging research affirms this premise: A recent study conducted by Altimeter suggested that digitally mature companies were more adept at maintaining strategic focus during the pandemic. "They focus on digitally driven innovation, incorporating a new wave of technologies with an intensity that is outpacing the market," researchers stated.

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