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Why Your Team Should Go to Fewer Marketing Conferences

And why they should attend more leadership programs

Long before Cancel Culture, there was Branding Cancel Culture. If you aren't in the brand and marketing world, you may be unaware of its vociferousness. But marketers write about, Tweet about, academicize, and even predict rebranding failures. Much of the trumpeting is just marketers trying to out-outrage each other, and a lot of it is knee-jerk reaction to change. Denounced rebranding efforts often end up working out just fine. 

In any case, the process is clearly not for the faint of heart, and it illustrates the kind of change leadership marketers are asked to take on. Rebranding risks, at a minimum, spiraling into all kinds of public discussions a brand would rather avoid (and not spend its resources responding to). And here's something you don't hear much from us branding wonks: Successful branding isn't about marketing. It's about leadership.

Okay, it's a little bit about marketing. But leadership drives the bus, especially when it comes to how the process is embraced and implemented internally by way of competent change leadership. We rarely have glimpses into this from the internet rebranding trolls, of course.

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