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AI for Associations

How to supercharge your member strategy

Just a few years ago, artificial intelligence (AI) seemed cold and distant, reserved for Silicon Valley tech startups, if not sci-fi thrillers. But that's no longer the case. AI is very much here and now, applicable across industries and in everyday circumstances.

"AI involves the ability to take large sets of data and analyze them to make predictions," said Forj CTO Mark Unak, an accomplished veteran in enterprise software, data analytics, and AI, whose work includes the architecture of AT&T U-verse. "Today, every company is a technology company in some form—they just specialize in different types of data. State Farm, for example, specializes in auto insurance data."

In the past, a single insurance company could require thousands of actuaries to estimate the financial consequences of risk. With AI, machines analyze loss patterns and provide predictive outcomes at scale for insurers. The result is a streamlined customer experience, from the application process to claims processing.

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