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Fundamentals for Building a Tech Budget in Uncertain Times

Uncertainty doesn’t have to leave you unprepared

Technology moves fast, evolving so quickly that what was cutting-edge a year or two ago can feel obsolete today. For associations, this presents challenges when trying to budget for technology. A good solution is to take a holistic approach that separates capital and operating expenses, while leaving wiggle room if unexpected needs arise.

The first principle that will help associations do a better job of budgeting, even as times change, is to know what you have, says Christopher Finnegan, senior director of technology solutions at Association Headquarters.

“I think one of the biggest things to do upfront is just ensuring what IT is in your organization,” he said. “I know that sounds funny, but sometimes, especially with these SAAS [software as a service] products and a lot of work going online, it is really important to understand what you have.”

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