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Calmness Linked to Higher Wellbeing in Older People

Notably, the preference for a calm life increases with age

While calmness seems to be in short supply in these troubled times, a new Gallup analysis suggests that older people around the world felt a greater sense of it in 2020 compared with younger people, which may have had a positive effect on the older generation's overall wellbeing.

Worldwide, about two-thirds of people between the ages of 15 and 34 (68 percent) said they experienced calmness during a lot of the previous day, compared with at least 80 percent among all groups aged 55 and older. This pattern was absent for enjoyment, another positive emotion that the Gallup World Poll measures. The percentage of people saying they experienced enjoyment was relatively consistent across age groups.

In 2020, Gallup partnered with the Wellbeing for Planet Earth Foundation to broaden the study of wellbeing by testing more globally inclusive perspectives. This included adding "calmness" to the list of feelings that the World Poll asks people about to gauge their emotional state.

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