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Four To-dos That Will Make You a Better Leader

These tactics create an environment in which people excel

Being a leader is always important -- but these days being a great one is an enormous challenge. How so? There are so many forces powerful outside of a leader's control such as:

  • fascist dictatorships taking control of governments around the world,
  • anger-fueled misinformation that undermines rational decision-making,
  • the two-year old pandemic that has changed the way people work and live,
  • the intensifying threat from climate change, and
  • rising inflation and interest rates and collapsing equity markets.

I see no easy antidote to these problems -- but that is no excuse for putting your head in the sand. Employees, customers, partners, communities, and investors are counting on leaders to keep their organizations growing and successful during these trying times. 

So, what should leaders do? Based on my decades of interviewing hundreds of business leaders and my years of struggling with how to work with other people effectively, here are four to-dos that I think will make you a better leader.

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