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Struggling to Meet a Deadline?

Japan’s manuscript writing café exists to serve you

A unique café in Japan has been drawing attention in recent weeks. The Manuscript Writing Café offers little by way of food or drink (just self-service coffee or tea), but what it does offer is concentration and motivation for writers struggling to finish their work. Patrons pay a small hourly fee and write down their goals (and how strictly they want them enforced) as they enter. Services include an hourly check-in or having someone stand silently behind you as you work. The catch is that patrons are not allowed to leave until they’ve met their goals.

While our new work-from-home practices have brought relief and freedom to many, I suspect there’s great potential for franchises of this café. Enough procrastination — get back to work!

Please select this link to watch the video about the café on The Scholarly Kitchen's website. 

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