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Report: Driver Hit Columbus Convention Center Going 70 MPH

Two witnesses said the driver did not try to hit the brakes

The driver who crashed into the Greater Columbus Convention Center earlier this week hit the building at a speed of 70 mph, according to a crash report.

According to the report, police said the driver of a 2020 Tesla Model S was traveling on Vine Street at a very high rate of speed, ran a red light and drove into the center Wednesday afternoon.

The driver told police he lost control of his brakes on state Route 315 and exited onto Neil Avenue, but maintained a speed of 70 mph. Two witnesses who were standing on the sidewalk of North High Street in front of the convention center told police it appeared that the driver increased his speed in order to make a yellow light. The witnesses said it did not appear that the driver attempted to hit the brakes before crashing into the center.

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