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Four Traits to Seek When Hiring a Remote Manager

Here's how to find the right leader for your distributed team

During the COVID-19 pandemic, plenty of businesses have learned the hard way that managing a remote workforce requires a different set of skills than what's needed to manage in person. Tactics that worked well in the office became irrelevant overnight. Managers scrambled to fill in the gaps--some more successfully than others. Having learned from the experience, business leaders realized that, when it comes to hiring a remote manager, they need to look for a specific set of traits and skills.

Focus on Results

Traditional office managers can observe employees working. Remote managers, on the other hand, need to focus on results. Especially for new remote managers, this transition can be tough. They may inadvertently find themselves micromanaging employees. Although managers need to keep tabs on progress, it can be detrimental to individual and team morale to check in too frequently.

Good remote managers know how to balance the need for tracking with employees' autonomy. They trust their teams to do the right thing. Then, they use data to verify the results. When interviewing candidates, find out how they accommodate their direct reports' unique work styles while still ensuring that goals and projects stay on track.

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