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Three Employee Handbook No-nos to Avoid

Steer clear of the biggest pitfalls of employee handbooks

Even if an association has just two staff members, it needs an employee handbook. It’s an important document for both organization and employee, as it spells out the organization’s mission, values, ethics, policies, and procedures. It also communicates staff and organizational responsibilities, helps your association comply with labor laws, and explicitly outlines appropriate (and inappropriate) conduct.

But particularly for associations that don’t have an HR department, it’s easy to create an employee handbook with the best of intentions—only to wind up with a document that took a lot of time to create and isn’t as helpful as it could be.

“These are things that I sometimes see are either not addressed at all or not addressed sufficiently” in an employee handbook, said Patricia Williams, managed human resources services partner at Raffa, the social sector and nonprofit arm of the Marcum firm. “An employee needs to know what the rules are.”

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