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Storytelling Skills Crucial in Uncertain Times

Use storytelling to craft messages that cut through the noise

There is a lot going on in the world right now: lingering COVID-19 concerns, the war in Ukraine, high inflation and a host of other problems. That means association leaders must be strategic and focus on storytelling if they want their message to cut through all the noise and reach their intended audience, said Rakia Reynolds, founder and executive officer of Skai Blue Media and keynote speaker at ASAE's upcoming Marketing, Membership and Communications Conference.

“The past few years has been tremendously difficult,” Reynolds said. “We have a health pandemic, climate crisis, a war and a mental health pandemic, so our brains are at capacity. We’re not retaining information.”

With stakeholders, staff, and members are bombarded with the many crises of today, she said leaders must focus on two areas to ensure they’re crafting a message that is heard and retained.

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