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Three Ways to Upgrade Your Meeting Icebreakers

Use these strategies to make your meeting icebreakers less awkward

Icebreakers can be the spark that makes a meeting thrive—or the lead balloon that everyone dreads. That’s true for meetings of all types, whether in-person, hybrid, or virtual. But now that people are so acclimated to using technology to connect, meeting planners can use technology for icebreakers without alienating their audience, no matter the format.

There are plenty of ways to do this, from breakout sessions for hybrid and remote meetings to tech tools that put a modern twist on old-school icebreakers. Consider these strategies for the next time you want to break the ice without shattering the meeting to pieces.

Use Breakout Rooms
You’re probably familiar with the stress of introducing yourself to an entire class or audience, even in a virtual setting. And chances are high that you won’t be the only one in your meeting who feels that social pressure. You can put yourself and your attendees more at ease by using a video-conferencing feature that most systems now have built in: breakout rooms, where participants only have to speak to a small group.

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