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Three Ways to Prevent a Toxic Hybrid Work Environment

Make sure no one feels left out in either situation

Whether you adopted a hybrid work environment during the pandemic or you have always had one, it’s clear now that it has many benefits. There is, for starters, a lot of flexibility that can translate into higher employee morale. However, because you don’t see and talk to all your employees face to face each day, how do you know that your workplace is free of toxicity that reduces employee morale and increases turnover?

Here are three steps to prevent toxicity in your own hybrid workplace.

Get Employee Input Before Making Business Changes 

In a hybrid work environment, it can be easy for leaders to only ask in-office employees for their opinions on potential organizational changes. This is because it can be quicker for them to just pop by their team members’ cubicles, rather than also set up phone calls or video conferences with remote staff members. They may also be dealing with Zoom burnout from the many video calls they do to keep their business moving forward. 

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