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How Text Payments Benefit Merchants

Consider this as a viable option to accepting payments

Text-to-Pay payments have become one of the growing alternatives for making payments in business transactions. As a result, small and medium-scale businesses should consider this a viable option to accept payments. This article will focus on what SMS payments are, how they work, and what are the benefits to merchants who employ them in their overall payment strategy.

What is a SMS Payment?

SMS (Short Messaging Service) or text-to-pay are payments made through text messages. An SMS payment is when a customer sends a payment via text or when a business sends a purchase invoice to the customer by text.

In text-to-pay payments, a link is attached to the message. This link redirects to a payment form where the transaction details are entered and confirmed. The process is secure, user-friendly, and makes purchases convenient for both the buyer and the seller. It is basically a contactless payment procedure.

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