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Your IT Systems Should Collaborate

Learn more about iPaaS

If your association has been leaning on custom integrations that feel costly and difficult to manage, know that with a little digital glue, you might be able to connect all your disparate apps—social networks, email providers, and online communities—together.

The concept is called iPaaS, or integration platform as a service, and it’s a growing trend that is finding new interest among associations. It simplifies integration among different types of tools by streamlining the connection of application programming interfaces (APIs)—essentially, interfaces that allow different tools and their data to connect with one another—utilizing a low-code or no-code interface.

Michael Getter, the head of systems and technology for the Corporate Legal Operations Consortium and a backer of iPaaS’ uptake in the association sector, compares it to the approach one might take to home automation—say, if you want to be able to turn off your lights using a voice-driven device like Alexa.

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