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Officials Say Buffalo Gunman Followed a Long Trail to Terror

By his own account, he became a racist killer while bored online

By his own account, the Buffalo supermarket gunman became a racist killer while bored online. According to a lengthy screed authorities believe Payton Gendron posted before killing 10 people on Saturday, the 18-year-old was drawn to hateful rhetoric from a mass murderer on the other side of the world.

As investigators unpack the disturbing details of Gendron’s crimes, current and former law enforcement officials said he apparently hoped his shocking violence would draw attention from well beyond this small town in Upstate New York.

"He's telling us he wants to feel important. He wants to be remembered. He wants to be relevant in life, but he won't be," said Katherine Schweit, a former federal agent who started the FBI’s active-shooter program. "He's not relevant."

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