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Five Easy Ways to Lose Your Best Talent

Avoid these pitfalls to retain your most talented

It's a hot job market now, making it easy for your strongest people to jump ship. But starting a new job is stressful, so if you’re committed to keeping your talent pool, you’re doing them a favor if you make it easy for them to stay. And needless to say, a high turnover rate does nothing to help your organization’s continuity, team cohesion, and overall performance.

So what are common pitfalls that might have your best people running for greener pastures? Insights on the state of the workplace from Pew Research, Gallup, and others may hold the answers. Consider these common mistakes employers are making—and how to remedy them.

Defining Roles Hazily

According to Gallup research, only 60 percent of workers strongly agree that they know what’s expected of them. Inevitably, this will lead to conflict over who owns a project, frustration over duplicative efforts (or the opposite: an assignment going untouched), and confusion around who's responsible for what. Your best employees won't appreciate these headaches.

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