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How to Overcome Disruptions Caused by the Great Resignation

Understanding how resignations impact associations

The Great Resignation is real, and associations are feeling it. The ASAE Communication Professionals Advisory Council recently surveyed nearly 70 professionals at associations of all sizes and found that they are not only experiencing it, but they also were not prepared for it. Rather than just accepting the negative impacts resignations cause to operations and staff, we have identified some simple steps that association leaders can take to minimize the pain.

How Resignations Impact Associations

Business continuity. It’s no secret that employee turnover can disrupt business continuity. Let’s say your membership director walks out the door after five years on the job. If you don’t have a system in place to capture their institutional knowledge, along with what they do on a day-to-day basis, your membership operations could grind to a halt while remaining team members jump in to pick up the slack as you recruit someone new. 

This illustrates the problem a single resignation can cause, but what about when you’re dealing with multiple employees leaving at the same time? In our survey, 87 percent of association professionals reported having experienced staff resignations since January 2021, and of that group, 38 percent reported five or more staff resignations at their association. 

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