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How to Give Genuine Recognition to Your Employees

Recognizing and rewarding employees properly is essential to keep them

It's simple but true: Leaders need to bear in mind that what they ask of their employees has far less impact on what people are doing than what is being rewarded.

Furthermore, the rewards that organizations provide—which can take the form of promotions, pay increases, new opportunities and recognition—will be effective only if they work together in concert. That means that all of these rewards need to reinforce each other in order for everyone to feel that they are given authentically.

This process starts with a focus on merit raises, promotions, and high-profile external hiring. Employees want to know what is required to advance in their careers and to take the next significant step toward better pay. They’re looking to see the relationship between their work and their career advancement, salary and feedback on their annual evaluations. Thus, it’s crucial for company supervisors to be aligned with organizational values in the way compensation and career path decisions are made.

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