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Finding Success at the Intersection of Content and Learning

How to keep up with changing trends in content consumption

When now-legendary TED Talks first made their way online in 2006, presentations varied in length, with some exceeding 20 minutes. Today, more than 15 years later, talks are strictly limited to 18 minutes, and TED officials often advise presenters to speak for just 3, 5 or 9 minutes.

This change reflects overall trends in educational content consumption and format preferences, which currently demand a shift toward microlearning—an educational approach centered on bite-sized units. This learning model is undoubtedly applicable in a world where, according to HR and Learning Analyst Josh Bersin, the average employee can dedicate just 24 minutes a week to formal learning.

“In the early days of online learning, purists believed that short-form content wasn’t instructionally sound,” said Bersin, who is president and founder of the research and advisory firm The Josh Bersin Company. “Now, we know that’s not true.”

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