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CEO Says Impostor Syndrome Can Be a Useful Tool

Employ it as a reminder that you're not always the smartest person in the room

When the (COVID-19) pandemic isolated nearly everyone at home, our fascination with forebears intensified. That was especially true after COVID-19 felled many older family members, said Deborah Liu, CEO of

"The people we lost during COVID-19 are a stark reminder of how important our family stories are, and why we should preserve their memories while we still can," said Liu, a Silicon Valley veteran who's also the daughter of Chinese immigrants and a mother of three.

Now, as the pandemic starts to recede, Liu is looking for fresh ways to connect people with their pasts and grow a genealogy giant that has already amassed more than 30 billion digital records. recently revamped its mobile app to better serve users on the move again for work and play. Meanwhile, the company is building more family-oriented collaboration tools, so subscribers can easily scan and share old photos, for example.

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