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Professional Membership Tip: One-word Change Increases Email Response Rates

Swapping one word for another works very well

Sending out emails is easy, getting a response is the hard part. Sheri Jacobs, FASAE, CAE, president and CEO of Avenue M Group, and her team found that changing one word in email outreach yielded impressive results.

How Does It Work?

Associations send out emails for everything from membership renewals, to recruitment, to surveys—often in hopes of getting a response to a call to action. However, because people are inundated with emails, they don’t always respond. Jacobs found that a simple switch up in wording made all the difference. It’s pretty simple, just changing the word “input” to “help” was all it took.

“Anecdotally, we started seeing significant response rate increases to every single email where we used the exact words ‘we need your help,’ [instead of] ‘we need your input,’” Jacobs said.

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