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Align Your Values to Keep Workers Engaged

Factors motivating many people to show up have shifted drastically

Businesses around the globe are lamenting how difficult it is to hire people right now. Ask the businesses what the problem is, and some will say, “No one seems to want to work.” Ask employment candidates what the problem is, and you’re likely to get more nuanced answers that, at their core, translate to “It just isn’t worth it.” That’s where an employer’s workplace values can help. 

What makes work “worth it?"

Employers should make clear that employee values and well-being matter. Financial compensation still matters, but the factors motivating many people to show up — whether getting dressed and traveling to an in-person office or staying in pajamas and logging on to a remote workplace — have shifted drastically.

Nine out of 10 employees surveyed want flexibility in location and number of hours worked, and 56 percent may quit if they can’t have it, according to the latest Work Reimagined Survey of 16,000 workers in various industries across 16 countries. Sixty-seven percent say employers can easily chart their productivity no matter where they work. 

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