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Why Automation Can't Replace Human Connection

There exist limits to automation - mainly people like interacting with people

A few months ago, in an article entitled “AI vs. humans, part I,” I opined upon the promise and peril of artificial intelligence as it comes to occupy an increasingly consequential role in our economy and culture. I called it “part I” because there are, no doubt, many implications of AI that we haven’t anticipated and don’t yet understand. 

One of the points I made was that since machines aren’t human, keeping in mind the differences between the two is vital. The power of AI is rooted in taking vast amounts of data that are incomprehensible to the human brain and turning it into information and, ultimately, knowledge that can be used in automated decision-making.

Now that we’ve come to understand that knowledge is the source of wealth — the raw materials to create smartphones and spacecraft were available to us long before we knew what to do with them — that’s a big deal.

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