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Five Factors to Consider Before Moving Toward an Unlimited Vacation Policy

A lawyer offers a few points to consider

With the job market remaining tight, many associations are looking to beef up benefits to attract top candidates. One benefit some are considering is unlimited vacation.

The topic was part of a recent Collaborate discussion, with some contending it’s good for morale and others noting staff take less leave under such policies. I reached out to Julia Judish, special counsel at Pillsbury Winthrop Shaw Pittman LLP, to talk about unlimited leave.

“These policies are adopted with the best of intentions,” Judish said. “Employers have a paradigm in mind of employees who have good work ethic and are healthy. The association wants to signal, ‘We trust you, and we’re not going to nitpick and micromanage when you take a day off because you’re going to be getting the work done.’ And that’s a great message to send.”

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