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Why Even Your Best Employees Are Burnt Out

What to do about it

It’s been six years since psychologist and University of Pennsylvania Professor Angela Duckworth published her bestseller Grit: The Power of Passion and Perseverance. After more than two years of behavioral and societal shifts that have drastically altered cultural values around work and achievement (see: the Great Resignation), Duckworth discusses Grit in hindsight in the first episode of The Next Chapter, a new podcast created for the American Express Business Class platform, out today.

In the audio series, host Cardiff Garcia interviews prominent authors and thought leaders—including Duckworth, Wharton professor Adam Grant, and Malcolm Gladwell—asking them to revisit their most well-known books, and posing the question: “If you were to write the next chapter of your book, what would it be about?”

For Duckworth, the tenets of Grit still hold true—that high-achievers are people who not only possess passion, but who also persevere. But, especially in these post-pandemic years, finding passion, or a directional focus, an be difficult and confusing.

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